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Emerald Discover, located in Kerala's northern region, is a small holiday and tour and travel organisation, but its distinctive beauty and service are everything. The organization's founder, S.N. Rizvi, is a wildlife enthusiast. Rizvi has worked in two of India's most beautiful places: Kashmir, known as "The Heaven," and Kerala, known as "The God Owns Land."

The company is dedicated to bringing nature back into people's lives, whether by providing a low-cost trip package or by providing the best service to its consumers, which attracts those who value what Mother Earth has to offer.

Emerald Discover, being a woman-owned firm, understands the need of a good work-life Emerald Discover balance and provides its employees with flexible work arrangements. This, paired with the development of its own unique design software, has allowed the design firm to live and grow for nearly four years.

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