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Journey Of Emerald Discover with INDODS Digital Services

Updated: Feb 29

Emerald Discover, located in Kerala's northern region, is a small holiday and tour and travel organisation, but its distinctive beauty and service are everything. The organization's founder, S.N. Rizvi, is a wildlife enthusiast. Rizvi has worked in two of India's most beautiful places: Kashmir, known as "The Heaven," and Kerala, known as "The God Owns Land."

The company is dedicated to bringing nature back into people's lives, whether by providing a low-cost trip package or by providing the best service to its consumers, which attracts those who value what Mother Earth has to offer.

Emerald Discover, being a woman-owned firm, understands the need of a good work-life Emerald Discover balance and provides its employees with flexible work arrangements. This, paired with the development of its own unique design software, has allowed the design firm to live and grow for nearly four years.

One of the secrets to the firm's success is its readiness to adopt innovative ideas to help it develop. Despite the fact that its purpose is to reconnect people with nature, Emerald Discover exploits technological innovations to reach a far larger audience.

Emerald Discover's passion has resulted in numerous accomplishments and honours, including a Mother Nature Award for Services and Care and recognition as one of the Growing Business Revolution stories.

That was all about us; now let me introduce myself to the person who has made our journey over the past two years so simple: INDODS Digital Services. We're thrilled to be working with INDODS Digital Services, who have a passion for social media marketing and creative design, as we begin our two-year anniversary festivities. With the support of INDODS, 2023 has already brought a tonne of noteworthy initiatives that we cannot wait to share.

Our tours and travel business has grown significantly over the past 1.5 years thanks to INDODS Digital Services. I want to highlight a few of the INDODS team's exceptional pieces of work. These had been-

➔ Suggestions to drive site traffic

➔ Attract local traffic from Google Search & Maps

➔ Chat live with your visitors and personalize their customer experience

➔ Get found by people searching on Google

➔ Add a blog to your site to connect with a wider audience

➔ Import your contacts to stay organized and make it easier to stay connected

➔ Promote your site with an email campaign or posts on social media

➔ Grab the attention of people searching on Google

They are experts in:

We never would have imagined how beneficial social media marketing would be for Emerald Discover. INDODS have cared for our business like it was their own child and have assisted us in conducting competitive, customer, website, content, and keyword research. designing, presenting, and scoping a plan.

The power of creating blog posts was then outlined to us. It conducted research and talked about blog themes and content pertinent to our sector and target market. INDODS informed us that producing posters or other visual content will benefit our social media pages.

Our social media pages expanded when they started using video content creation; some of its main components include editing, graphics, narration, and posting to all SM platforms.

INDODS Digital Services assisted us in gaining more organic Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube subscribers as well as followers. Additionally, both Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections have increased significantly.

INDODS team assisted us in receiving fantastic Google reviews from our customers. I can't help but praise their mastery in creating Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to target new audiences as it enabled us to secure lucrative clients all year long.

Finally, I want to thank them for their round-the-clock phone, email, and chat support. Even better, they always remember to share the Basic Social Media Management Analytics reports on a weekly basis.


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