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Email marketing has the highest return on investment of any marketing channel. However, successful email marketing entails more than just sending a monthly eNewsletter to your email list. If you want to capture, engage, nurture, and convert prospects, you must understand each step of an effective email marketing strategy. You'll also need the right email marketing service to assist you.

What we do as a Email Marketer

​Indods Digital Services, in conjunction with email marketing, assists you in:

  • Capturing new leads and prospects so you can capitalise on your website traffic.

  • Increases revenue by capitalising on opportunities with your existing, satisfied customers.
  • Re-engages abandoned cart customers, ensuring that no opportunities are lost.
  • Receives automated feedback, which leads to better services, increased engagement, and sales.
  • Sends automated nurture to your leads, generating passive income while you focus on other tasks.

With the help of email marketing, Indods Digital Services can help you convert your contacts into customers.

The inbox has been a sacred space for connecting with family, friends, coworkers - and, eventually, businesses and brands - since the dawn of the internet. It all started with a one-to-many approach. Businesses typically sent a single message to their entire audience, whether it was in the form of a monthly newsletter, promotional email, or announcement. Inboxes have become noisier and more crowded over time. And what about those batch and blast sends? They simply did not engage their subscribers as much as they used to.

In today's world, the digital experience has completely evolved. Despite the fact that your customers and prospects are receiving more messages than ever before, increased access to valuable customer data and insights allows you to be more engaging in the inbox than ever before.

Modern email marketing is personalised, often automated, and tailored to each subscriber's unique experience in order to move them through the buyer's journey and generate loyal customers and repeat business.

"We're impressed with how they adapted very quickly to our industry."

Dabeer Husain

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Indods Digital is a leading social media marketing and web design company in Bengaluru focused on the success and satisfaction of its clients. We are a passionate Digital Marketer who offers high-quality Social Media Marketing services.

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